December 30, 2015




Having worked for a large drywall and plaster company, I saw a real need for a different kind of drywall business– one where the face seen during the quote was also the face seen all the way through the project.  A company where repair work wasn’t just a grudging necessity, but the main focus.

So, in 2001, I started a company with those two objectives in mind– customer service and quality repair.



I am the person who will answer the phone and return your calls.  I am the person who will schedule your job.  I am the person who will give you a price.  I am the person who will show up and do the work.  I am the person who you will pay.   If there is any problem along the way, I will be the one to resolve it. From start to finish,  I am the person you will deal with.  When you decide you can trust me in your home, you don’t have to worry that someone else might show up.   All the way through the project, you will have the same level of service.

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Some companies will do drywall repair, but it is almost always seen as an afterthought. That’s where I come in. I love repair work.  Every project has it’s own unique twist and challenge which makes repair work rewarding.  You may have a repair that leaves you with a sense of dread, but I can make it as good as new, and that’s exhilarating! So whether it’s a hole in the wall, a small room that needs to be hung and finished, a ceiling texture that needs to be matched, or a wall that needs to be skimmed after wallpaper has been removed; I am the person to call.

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Between the individual customer service I offer and a love for quality drywall and plaster repair, I offer something unique to the Holland and Zeeland area that will have you coming back to me again and again.

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